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[Online] San Diego County Real Estate Investors & Home Buyers Masterclass: All About Loans

It takes the right information and the right mortgage & real estate team to purchase in today's market.

What to expect from this webinar

Buying a home is the biggest financial investment you'll make in your entire life, and investing in real estate is one of the best ways to build long-term wealth.

However, did you know that a majority of first-time home buyers and real estate investors make at least one of five big mistakes?

These mistakes could cost you thousands, but you can prevent them from the start.

During this online webinar, we will go over exactly what these five big mistakes are and how to avoid them.

We want to help first-time home buyers and investors like yourself save thousands of dollars that could be better spent on something else, such as a new car, vacation, or renovations.

Additionally, we will introduce you to unique loan solutions, including no-income loans and qualification based solely on the property's cash flow.

We'll dive into these loan guidelines, online tools, and resources, and show you how to make them a vital part of your portfolio expansion process.

Learn the myths about income qualification that hold people back from taking action and develop a millionaire real estate investor mindset.

Don't make the mistakes and don't wait any longer. Attend the FREE online webinar and start learning how to grow your real estate portfolio!

Meet Jason Montoya

Our webinar will be hosted by a First-Time Home Buying and Real Estate Investment Expert who will guide you through the intricacies of purchasing your first home and expanding your real estate portfolio.
Learn how to avoid costly mistakes and save thousands of dollars. You will also hear about our Buyer Protection Plan, designed to save you thousands when purchasing a home.

We have successfully assisted thousands of first-time home buyers in getting approved for their first home purchases.

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Jason Montoya